Giovedì, 20 Settembre 2018

Grillo accuses Berlusconi of buying votes with tax promises


Rome, February 26 - Beppe Grillo, whose Five Star
Movement made significant gains at Italian elections on a
protest platform, accused rival candidate Silvio Berlusconi of
buying votes by promising Italians to rebate an unpopular
property tax called IMU.
"Berlusconi bought the votes with (promises to reverse)
IMU. It's a dramatic move," he said.
The Five Star Movement claimed 25.55% of the votes for the
House, more than any other individual party, and took a total of
162 seats across both chambers of parliament.
Berlusconi's centre-right coalition came second in the
contests for both the Senate and the Lower House.
Although Berlusconi did not have enough seats to form a
government, his supporters have heralded the results, as his
bloc was trailing by double digits in the polls at the start of
the campaign.

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