Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018

Stable government in Italy 'crucial', Germany says


Berlin, February 26 - The German foreign minister
said Tuesday that Italy needed a stable government as soon as
possible after the country's general election failed to produce
a clear winner.
''It is crucial that Italy has a stable government able to
act on its behalf as soon as possible in the interest of the
country and of Europe,'' said Foreign Minister Guido
Germany's chief diplomat also called on Italy to continue
on the path of reform begun by outgoing technocrat Premier Mario
Monti and underlined the country's central role in Europe.
''When we talk about the crisis in Europe, we are all in
the same boat,'' he said.
The General election in Italy on February 24 and 25
produced a stalemate, with Pier Luigi Bersani's centre-left
alliance just managing to win outright control of the House, but
failing to obtain a working majority in the Senate, in part due
to big gains by the anti-establishment Five Star Movement led by
Genoa comic Beppe Grillo.

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