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Comments on Grillo's blog beg M5S leader to be serious


Rome, February 27 - Italians following blog posts
by anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) chief Beppe
Grillo begged him Wednesday to avoid destroying Italy's next
"I voted, but not to send everything into ruins," wrote one
reader of Grillo's blog.
"Please be serious, Grillo".
The comments came soon after the Genoese comic rebuffed
pleas from Democratic Party leader Pier Luigi Bersani to give
the Senate a working majority.
In response, Grillo mocked Bersani's overtures aimed at
achieving a majority in the deadlocked Senate and said the PD
head should quit after squandering his coalition's big
pre-election poll lead over ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi.
Grillo also called Bersani "a political stalker who has
been bothering M5S for days with indecent proposals instead of
resigning like anyone in his place would".
Grillo's M5S rode a huge anti-austerity, anti-euro and
anti-politics protest vote to become the biggest single party in
the House and potentially the hinge force in the Senate, where
no one got a majority, in the Sunday-Monday elections.
Wednesday's mostly anonymous comments on Grillo's blog were
among the first signs of dissent among his followers, as many
seemed to fear that his hard line would lead Italy into
"I did not vote for these irresponsible acts," wrote
another blog reader.
"To break up everything now could be a fatal hit to the
movement," wrote another.

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