Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

Italian woman tries to kill husband with rolling pin, poison


Milan, February 27 - An elderly woman in Italy who
tried to kill her disabled husband with a rolling pin, then with
drugs, and finally suffocation has been arrested for attempted
The husband, who is 77 and has difficultly walking, was
treated in hospital for bleeding from his head after his
75-year-old wife walloped him with a rolling pin.
The woman, who reportedly said she was tired of caring for
him, is now under house arrest at her daughter's home.
The attack began Tuesday afternoon when she gave him five
sleeping pills, intending to suffocate him once he passed out.
However, she instead gave him antihistamines that only
stunned the elderly man, who fought off the plastic bag his wife
used to try and suffocate him.
To subdue her victim, the woman allegedly cracked him on
the head a few times with the rolling pan, causing some head
Police say the woman is now sorry for her actions.

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