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Lombardy centre-right governor-elect vows weighty north

Milan, February 27 - The newly elected Northern
League and centre-right governor of the Lombardy region, Roberto
Maroni, challenged the Italian parliament on Wednesday after
news of his official victory.
"The north has enough power to shape choices by Rome's
government if it will be, as it appears, a weak government,"
Maroni told right-wing editor and radio host Maurizio Belpietro
in a telephone call on Wednesday.
"As soon as the new government is formed, we are ready to
negotiate. The North has a stable, homogeneous government. As
for Rome?" he replied 'boh,' Italian slang for "who knows", and
thus making reference to the deeply divided election results for
the State parliament.
Maroni said his priority as the newly elected governor of
Lombardy was to create a macro-region in the north, which would
consolidate the north's political weight.
"Mission accomplished. We saved the (Northern) League. The
victory in Lombardy allows us to to open a new phase with the
constitution of macro-region of the north," Maroni declared
after hearing election results, Corriere della Sera reported on
Ex-interior minister under the last Silvio Berlusconi
administration, Maroni ran on the centre-right coalition ticket
in Lombardy, risking a renewed alliance with Berlusconi's People
of Freedom (PdL) party, after a rupture under the Mario
Monti-led technical government widened into a maw when both
Northern League and PdL figures suffered battering from a series
of corruption scandals, including criminal investigations that
toppled centre-right regional governments in Lombardy and Lazio.
Maroni's main challenger was the centre-left's Umberto
Ambrosoli, who garnered 38.2% of the vote, compared to Maroni's
Other candidates were Milan ex-mayor Alberto Albertini, who
ran on a centre ticket, and Silvana Carcano of the rising
populist, anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S).
Albertini and Carcano won 4.1% and 14.3% of the Lombardy
vote, respectively.
In Rome's Lazio region, the centre left succeeded in taking
advantage of the demise of the last centre-right regional
administration, which collapsed in September when outgoing
governor Renata Polverini was forced to resign from the regional
council under a widening public funds scandal.
Roman voters in particular threw their weight behind the
Democratic Party's (PD) Nicola Zingaretti, who ran on a platform
of rigor and sobriety.
Out of Zingaretti's total lead of 370,000 votes, 323,000
came from Rome.
Zingaretti took 40.6% of the vote versus 29.4% for
centre-right stalwart and ex-minister Francesco Storace.
M5S drew impressive support in Lazio, with candidate Davide
Barillari coming up third with 20.3% of the vote.
Lazio's south-central neighbor, Molise, also saw the
centre-left win at its regional polls.
Paolo Di Laura Frattura took the governor's office with
43.7% of the vote versus 26.7% for the centre-right's Angelo
Michele Iorio.

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