Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Prosecutors seize former Northern League official's property


Milan, February 28 - Milan prosecutors on Thursday
seized property owned by the former caucus leader of the
populist and pro-devolution Northern League in the Lombardy
regional assembly, Stefano Galli.
Prosecutors seized three apartments owned by Galli and his
son-in-law on the basis that these were allegedly acquired
through the use of misappropriated public funds.
Galli is also under investigation for fraud as part of a
wider investigation into financial misdeeds by the outgoing
Lombardy regional administration.
A new administration was voted into power in Lombardy, with
Northern League leader Roberto Maroni elected as governor,
during the country's elections earlier this week.
In the current investigation, Galli stands accused of
having paid his son-in-law - who didn't finish high-school -
almost 200,000 euros for consulting activities regarding the
''evaluation of legislative activity related to the relationship
between the Region and local bodies, with particular attention
to the province of Lecco, in support of the activity of
councilor Stefano Galli.''
As part of the wider financial misdeeds scandal, Galli is
also accused - among others - of having used party funds to pay
for a 6,000 euro wedding banquet for his daughter.
Galli subsequently made a public apology for misuse of the
funds, which he promised to return to tax payers.

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