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Centre-left leader lays out plan for new Italian government


Rome, March 1 - Italy's centre-left leader,
Democratic Party (PD) chief Pier Luigi Bersani, said on Friday
that he would propose a new government united by a specific
political programme consisting of seven or eight items.
Bersani's centre-left alliance came first in the
Sunday-Monday vote.
But it failed to win a working majority in the Senate
because of the votes pulled by three-time premier Silvio
Berlusconi's centre right and the anti-establishment 5-Star
Movement (M5S) of comedian Beppe Grillo.
The PD had ruled out the prospect of forming a grand
coalition with Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party and it
is trying to reach out to Grillo, even though Grillo has said he
will not vote for confidence in a government led by Bersani or
"Call it as you like - a minority government, a
purpose-government, I don't care. Next Wednesday I will propose
it to party leadership, then to the head of state (President
Giorgio Napolitano)," Bersani told Rome daily La Repubblica.
"I call it a government of the change for which I am
assuming the responsibility to lead".
A Bersani-led government would propose "seven or eight
points and asks for parliament confidence (vote) from those who
are for it," he explained.
Bersani said there was no chance of him working in
government with three-time premier Berlusconi.
"He had opportunities to show one's self to be
responsible," Bersani said.
"He has wasted all of them".
Bersani told Grillo that his "insults don't scare me" after
the comedian described the PD chief as a "dead man talking" on
his blog.
He has said he was he was open to the possibility of
offering high state offices, such as those of speaker of the
House and of the Senate, to the M5S and the PdL.
"On institutional roles, we are ready to examine all
scenarios," Bersani said.
Bersani blamed the centre left's disappointment at the
polls on his backing for outgoing Premier premier Mario Monti's
emergency technocrat government.
"It is undeniable that the necessity of not breaking with
Monti affected us" and that the centre-left coalition had "paid"
for it, Bersani opined.
"I want to overturn the pattern," Bersani went on.
He said his priorities included measures to boost
employment, better social safety nets, reducing the number of
parliamentarians and the salaries of local politicians,
tightening anti-corruption laws and regulating conflict of
"Each of these points will result in a specific legislation
bill, which day after day I will publish online, starting from
Thursday morning," said Bersani.

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