Mercoledì, 24 Ottobre 2018

Confirmation nears for possible Higgs boson, CERN says


Rome, March 6 - CERN physicists announced on
Wednesday that the new particle discovered at the CERN
laboratory in Geneva last year is looking increasingly like the
Higgs boson.
Speaking at a conference in the northern Italian town of La
Thuile, the physicists said more analysis of the data was
required, but that they expected to be able to present their
conclusions with more certainty in July.
The physicists are examining data collected in a series of
experiments conducted in 2011 and 2012 at CERN laboratories in
Geneva - so-called Atlas and CMS experiments.
If the new particle turns out to be as British theoretical
physicist Peter Higgs predicted in the 1960s, it would "complete
the Standard Model of particle physics, or it could be a more
exotic particle that would lead us beyond the Standard Model,"
said a statement on the CERN website.
CERN noted that the Standard Model accounts for all visible
matter in the universe, but does not account for the 96% of the
universe that is invisible to us.

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