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20 million euros to go to City of Science after Naples fire


Naples, March 7 - The Italian industry minister
said Thursday that 20 million euros will go towards rebuilding
the Citta' della Scienza (City of Science) in Naples after a
massive blaze destroyed much of the complex this week.
Corrado Passera announced the plan after a phone meeting
with Territorial Cohesion Minister Fabrizio Barca and
representatives of local enterprise.
The plan allows for five million euros of the funds to be
released by the end of Thursday.
The complex was considered one of Naples' cultural gems.
It featured a large interactive science museum that
attracted around 350,000 visitors each year and it also had
facilities for conferences and other educational activities.
Only one of the complex's buildings was untouched by the
flames late Monday.
"What happened at the Citta' della Scienza has deeply
wounded many, not just in Naples, but the entire country," said
Interior Minister Annamaria Cancellieri, in Brussels for a
European Council meeting.
"I hope we can rebuild it as soon as possible. Also the
European Union has pledged its willingness" to help.
Cancellieri said that suspicions of terrorism were "not
very likely".
Mayor Luigi de Magistris suspected foul play.
"My impression is this was a criminal act, one that was
premeditated and dramatic," he said Thursday, pointing to mafia
groups potentially trying to "reclaim territory during the
economic crisis".
"We need to be careful," he said. "I'm worried, but I'm
also very confident thanks to the reaction I've seen from
Neapolitans and the entire country".
On Thursday, a nationwide fund-drive was launched allowing
people to make two-euro donations by dialing 45599.

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