Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Italian president pledges to do utmost in political 'fog'


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Rome, March 7 - Italian President Giorgio
Napolitano on Thursday pledged to do his utmost until the end of
his term in May to guide Italy through the political "fog".
The Italian presidency is usually largely a figurehead role
but it takes on major importance at the moment after the
nation's inconclusive general election produced a hung
It is up to Napolitano to decide which political leader to
give the job of trying to form a new government and then how to
proceed if this is not possible.
He is expected to first turn to centre-left leader Pier
Luigi Bersani, whose coalition came first but failed to win a
working majority in the Senate.
"I don't know if I'm a lighthouse (for Italy's political
world) or an absolutely normal, human light," said Napolitano.
"Sometimes it's difficult to shine light in the fog and I'm
trying to do my best".
The political deadlock may make it difficult for the
parliament to elect a new head of state before May.
But Napolitano, 87, on Thursday again ruled out the
hypothesis that a solution could be for him to serve a second
All previous Italian presidents have served only one
seven-year term.
"I will do what I have to do until the last day of my
term," he said.
"On the eve of the end of my term I want to stress that its
conclusion fully corresponds to the conception of the founding
fathers (who drew up Italy's Constitution)".

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