Lunedì, 24 Settembre 2018

'Ndrangheta-linked Lombardy councillor trial asked


Milan, March 11 - Milan prosecutors have asked for
an "immediate" trial for former Lombardy regional councillor
Domenico Zambetti on charges of buying votes from the
Calabrian-based 'Ndrangheta mafia, judicial sources said Monday.
Prosecutors requested indictments for 17 others in a case
probing the 'Ndrangheta's suspected penetration of Lombardy
Indictments were sought for three alleged 'Ndrangheta
bosses, Eugenio Costantino, Alessandro Gugliotta and Vincenzo
Prosecutors claim Zambetti got 4,000 votes from 'Ndrangheta
in exchange for 200,000 euros and several jobs as well as
contract promises.
Zambetti denies the charges and claims the mafia forced him
to make payments and promise favours.
The Lombardy government was hit by a wave of scandals last
year which forced Roberto Formigoni of ex-premier Silvio
Berlusconi's People of FReedom (PdL) party to step down as
The PdL's ally, the populist Northern League, was also
struck by a scandal involving associates and relatives of former
charismatic leader Umberto Bossi, who was also forced to quit.
Despite this, Bossi's successor Roberto Maroni was elected
Lombardy governor last month and the Pdl-League alliance won the
region comfortably in the general election, contributing to the
current deadlock in the Senate where no one has a majority.
The PdL governor in Lazio, Renata Polverini, also resigned
after a wave of scandals and was succeeded by Nicola Zingaretti
of the centre-left Democratic Party in last month's vote.

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