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Bersani says center left not shopping for lawmakers


Rome, March 11- Democratic Left (PD) leader Pier
Luigi Bersani on Monday denied any back-door maneuvers to gain
the support of lawmakers outside his coalition.
The center left bloc Bersani leads came first at national
elections February 24-25 but failed to win a working majority in
the Senate because of a huge protest vote for comedian Beppe
Grillo's 5-Star Movement (M5S), which became the single biggest
party in the House.
"There are no ongoing negotiations, we want to bring out
into the open an idea: starting a legislature that will lead to
change", Bersani told a gathering of new Democratic Left MPs at
Rome's Capranica theater.
"Don't let it be said, not even within our fold, that we
are on the lookout for deputies, senators".
Bersani said PD voters, and not just Grillo's electorate,
were asking for "a great change".
"We still don't understand if the 5-Star Movement has
turned towards institutions to make them a sounding board of
other places or to transform those institutions", the PD leader
The future House whip for Grillo's anti-establishment
movement said on Monday that any of its lawmakers who vote
confidence in a government led by Bersani's centre-left alliance
will be expelled.
Bersani who has framed an eight-point platform for a
"government of change" hoping to lure enough M5S Senators to
secure a confidence vote, called on Grillo last week to start
facing up to the responsibilities his massive support entails.
Grillo's M5S unexpectedly won 104 seats in the House and 58
in the Senate.
Addressing PD lawmakers on Monday, Bersani said attempting
to form a minority government would be like entering "a narrow
door" and full of obstacles.
"We are not in the condition to guarantee on our own a
government in this country", he also said.
"We have the difficult responsibility of being the first
without being able to be the only ones", the PD leader said in
his speech.
He also said when discussing profiles of candidates for key
institutional roles that there would be no "trade-off of seats".
Bersani announced that the PD will name two "small
delegations", one in the House and one in the Senate, to start
talks with other parliamentary groups ahead of the election of
the presidents of the House and Senate scheduled on Friday.
The newly elected parliament will meet for the first time
on March 15 and is scheduled to first elect the presidents of
House and Senate, a vote which usually takes place a day after
its first session .
By March 18 lawmakers must state their group membership and
parliamentary groups will subsequently vote their whips on March
On March 21 President Giorgio Napolitano, whose seven-year
mandate expires on May 15, is expected to start consultations
to form the new government.
It is up to Napolitano to decide which political leader to
give the job of trying to form a new government and then how to
proceed if this is not possible.
He is expected to first turn to Bersani.
A month before Napolitano's mandate expires, a joint
session of parliament will be scheduled to elect his successor.
The vote could be held at the beginning of May to enable
regional councilors to vote the grand electors that will
represent them in the vote.
The grand electors are 1.007: 615 deputies, 319 senators
and 58 regional delegates.

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