Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Papabili: the Europeans


(by Denis Greenan).
Rome, March 11 - Here are penpix of the three
Europeans touted as successors to Benedict.
Archbishop of Vienna, 67, son of a Bohemian count, this
polyglot theological heavyweight and urbane preacher, seen as
Benedict's intellectual heir, is respected by Jews, Muslims and
Orthodox Christians and has stressed the need for new
evangelisation, although he is not on Twitter.
Has broken ranks to openly call for Church reform and has
taken a very tough stance on priest sex abuse, but despite this
has struggled to curb a rebellion by progressive-minded Austrian
Some think his chances were hurt when he reportedly
estranged the powerful Dean of the College of Cardinals, Angelo
Sodano, and he is said lack the dexterity needed to unlock doors
in the Curia.
Has said, during the height of the priestly rebellion, that
if he stepped out of line with the Church he would "lead our
diocese into a schism...all possibilities are open".
President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious
Dialogue and former Vatican 'foreign minister', the 69-year-old
Bordeaux-born career bureaucrat would be the first French
pontiff in 635 years. An unpretentious personality with a wry
sense of humor and a wide network of friends, he is an old
Vatican hand who knows where the bodies are buried. Tweets
His term as Secretary for Relations with States from 1990 to
2003 is remembered as perhaps the Vatican's recent apex of
influence on world affairs, when its word really counted. He has
been on the front lines of virtually all the world's major
hotspots for the last three decades
But he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease after a
history of health scares, zero pastoral experience, and a
delicate personality at a time when many cardinals are seeking a
strong governor. Also seen as a man of detente with an
increasingly secular world - not what many cardinals believe the
situation requires.
Has publicly thanked Muslims for "bringing God back into
public debates in Europe". He recently said the next pope should
be "very open to dialogue with cultures and religions", be
prepared to reform the Curia, and be somewhere between 65 and
Archbishop of Budapest, 59, Erdo has twice been elected the
president of European bishops' conference, and roughly half the
cardinals who will elect the next pope are Europeans. A staunch
traditionalist on doctrine.
A canon lawyer by training, with a very precise mind, he is
seen as good at building consensus among different currents and
could pick up support in the developing world.
But some may wonder if he has the skills and personality to
be able to reach out successfully to the wider world. Also, as
the fourth-youngest member of the College of Cardinals,
questions may be raised about whether his would be an
excessively long papacy.
Has said, about the needs of the Roma (Gypsy) people, "they
have to cope with tough socio-economic conditions and extra
efforts are required to evangelize them".

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