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PdL parliamentarians stage protest at Milan court


Milan, March 11 - People of Freedom Party (PdL) MPs
marched before the Milan courthouse on Monday irate over what
they say is continuing "judiciary persecution" of ex-premier
Silvio Berlusconi.
The MPs, including several ex-ministers under the last
Berlusconi administration, sang the national anthem, as
Alessandra Mussolini - conservative MP and granddaughter of
Benito Mussolini - waved an Italian flag.
"We have doubts over whether there is still space for being
cautious and moderate, because every limit of judicial
persecution has been exceeded," said ex-education minister Maria
Stella Gelmini.
Gelmini added she was protesting to "defend democracy from
the attempt to subvert the popular vote".
PdL secretary Angelino Alfano had ordered the demonstration
while a hearing went on inside for the "Ruby-gate" trial, in
which Berlusconi faces charges of paying for sex with an
under-aged Moroccan woman and abuse of office.
Berlusconi was not present as he is currently hospitalized
at Milan's San Raffaele hospital for an eye-infection.
Alfano railed against "three very serious facts" regarding
judicial demands on Berlusconi and his defense lawyers.
First, Berlusconi's defense lawyers, who are also PdL MPs,
were not granted "legitimate impediment" from Monday's hearing
in order to attend a scheduled meeting with their party
"We are parliamentarians. We represent the people. This was
a meeting of constitutional importance," Alfano said.
Second, Alfano was furious that trial judge had sent a team
of three doctors to determine whether Berlusconi's eye-infection
was serious enough to keep him from court.
Alfano found the inspection "scandalous and not worthy of a
judiciary functioning in a civil country", while PdL
representative for the Puglia region, Francesco Amoroso,
complained in a note that Berlusconi "doesn't even have the
right to get sick" and called for action against the
Alfano's third gripe was regarding notice from the Naples
court requesting immediate judgment against Berlusconi on
corruption charges for allegedly bribing Senator Sergio Di
Gregorio over six years ago with three million euros to switch
loyalties from centre-left to centre-right, a political move
that helped topple Romano Prodi's centre-left majority
government in February 2007.
Alfano declared his trust in Italian President Giorgio
Napolitano to help sort out affairs and threatened to boycott
the first sessions of the newly elected parliament if they are
Photo: PdL secretary Angelino Alfano

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