Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

Italians living longer but lag in wellbeing


Rome, March 13 - Italians are living longer but lag
in terms of wellbeing, according to the World Health
Organization's latest report on 53 European countries.
European longevity increased overall due to a range of
reasons, from fewer car crashes to lower maternal mortality to
better socioeconomic conditions, but enormous differences
between states remain, the report said.
Since 1980, average European life expectancy increased by
five years, to 80 for women and 72 for men, and one fourth of
the European population will be over 65 by 2050.
In Italy, which ranks third in terms of longevity and is
second only to Switzerland in terms of mortality, women's life
expectancy grew by three years in the last three decades,
reaching 85.
However, Italy lags in six out of 22 indicators of overall
wellbeing: youth employment, employment of women with small
children, personal time, social support systems, and citizens'
ability to have a say in public policy decisions, according to
the report.

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