Lunedì, 24 Settembre 2018

Venice gets out galoshes as 110 cm high tides expected


Venice, March 13 - Venetians on Wednesday are
bracing for more high waters, expected to rise over 110
centimeters by 23:30.
According to local meteorologists, water levels initially
expected to rise to 120 centimeters will instead be a bit lower.
During high-tide season in the city, which begins in
autumn, water routinely spills over the city's banks and floods
its streets and squares.
The causes are both natural and man-made.
Decades of pumping groundwater caused significant damage to
the delicate foundation before the practice was called off.
Weather experts say the high-water threat has been
increasing in recent years as heavier rains have hit northern
Other possible explanations for the phenomenon include the
sea floor rising as a result of incoming silt and gas extraction
in the sea off Venice undermining the islands.
High tides in January reached 105 centimeters.

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