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Foreign media take look at Francis's ties to dictatorship


Rome, March 14 - Not yet 24 hours into his reign as
Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is facing
media scrutiny for the role he played during Argentina's brutal
military dictatorship in the late 1970s.
Articles critical of Bergoglio's role during the
dictatorship years appeared Thursday in papers ranging from the
New York Times to Spain's El Mundo and even Argentina's Pagina
While Bergoglio took a hard line against recent Kirchner
governments accusing them of economic policies which didn't
help relieve vast social imbalances in Argentina, the New York
Times pointed out that he was "less energetic" in taking on the
dictatorship, which under the leadership of Jorge Rafael Videla
was responsible for crimes against humanity including
kidnappings, torture and extrajudicial murders of activists,
political opponents and their families.
The NYT recalled how Bergoglio was "accused of being aware
of the abuses of the 'Dirty War' and of having not done enough
to stop them while 30,000 people disappeared, were tortured or
killed by the dictatorship."
Leading U.K. daily the Times took an even harder stance,
leading its first page with the headline: "The friend of the
people who was at ease with the dictators".
BBC Mundo went a step further in an analysis of the new
Pope titled: "Jorge Bergoglio and the shadow of the military
government" which cited the cases of priests Orlando Yorio and
Francisco Jalics, kidnapped in May, 1976 and held for five
months in the Escuela Mecanica de la Armada, the secret center
from which the flights of death - in which opponents of the
regime were taken out over the Pacific Ocean and dumped from
planes - took off.
In an email sent by Gabriela Yorio, the sister of Orlando
(who died in 2000), to Pagina 12 shortly after the election of
Francis, Yorio wrote: "I can't believe it. I am so distressed so
angry I don't know what I can do. I see Orlando on my bedside
table; for so many years he had said 'he (Bergoglio) wants to be
Pope.' He (Bergoglio) is the expert in shutting things up."

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