Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Emergency contraception a 'step forward' for Italian women


Rome, March 15 - Nearly 70% of Italian women see
the availability of emergency contraception (EC), commonly known
as the morning-after pill, as "a step forward", but as many as
90% would like more information on the subject, new research has
The study by BVA Healthcare on behalf of HRA Pharma looked
at 1,234 sexually active women in a country where 33% of
pregnancies are unwanted.
Of these, 50% currently end in abortion.
Timing is all-important in EC and while many women know
that it should be taken as soon as possible after intercourse
experts say much still needs to be done.
"Let's not forget that EC is used to lower fertility during
the cycle, delaying or blocking ovulation," said gynaecologist
Rossella Nappi from Pavia university.
"It is clear therefore how rapid administration plays a key
role in guaranteeing its success".

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