Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Italian man says bleeding wounds on chest form cross shape


Cosenza, March 21 - The Catholic Church is
investigating reports of an Italian man with bleeding wounds on
his chest that form the shape of a cross.
But it also warns against "morbid" curiosity in the case of
Carmine Mancuso, who says that for more than a year, three
wounds that form the shape of a cross have appeared on his
The wounds began to bleed about two months ago when Mancuso
attends mass in his home town of Piane Crati, in the Calabria
region of southern Italy.
The story of Mancuso, a pensioner, has attracted public
attention as well as the interest of Catholic Church officials,
who have appointed a commission to further investigate.
The local diocese, which says Mancuso is a respected man,
has warned the case may not be supernatural and "urges caution
to avoid any attitude of morbid curiosity".

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