Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

Italy Senate speaker Grasso slashes stipend by more than 50%


Rome, March 21 - Italy's newly-elected Senate
leader Pietro Grasso said he plans to forego more than half of
the monthly stipend he receives for his job, the second most
senior public posting recognized by Italy's constitution.
Grasso said he planned to cut the salary he receives for
his public posting to 9,000 euros from 18,600 euros.
"Aside from the payments I am not legally permitted to
forego, I have decided to give up all the rest", including per
diem and general expenses, Grasso said.
On an annual level this works out to be a total saving of
111,960 euros on a total of 223,169 euros.
Grasso went on to say he would also forego the paid
apartments that the position is awarded with by the State, as
well as the drivers.
He added that he also planned to slash in half the security
personnel the Interior Ministry dedicated to protecting his
persona, despite his being a former anti-Mafia judge.
The security team "has been a painful necessity rather than
a privilege" following the delicate criminal organization trials
he was involved in, Grasso said.

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