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Pope wasn't complicit with junta says Esquivel


(By Kate Carlisle)
Rome, March 21 - Argentine Nobel Peace Prize
laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel said on Thursday that Pope
Francis had no connections with the dictatorship that marred
their home country in the 1970s.
Following an audience with Pope Francis in the Vatican,
Esquivel told reporters that the former archbishop of Buenos
Aires "had nothing to do with the dictatorship...he was not an
Esquivel, 81, said that the two Argentines were not meeting
for the first time.
"More than meet each other, we had a reunion," said the
writer and human-rights activist.
"We also talked about human rights, and he told me to seek
truth and justice," for the crimes committed in Argentina.
The pope said that "human rights are integral, not only
restricted to the murders of a dictatorship, but also to
poverty...and the life of people," Esquivel underlined.
Pope Francis "preferred a quiet diplomacy," he said.
Since his election to the papacy, allegations have surfaced
that Francis was complicit in violence carried out against
left-wing activists and militants during his time as the Jesuit
Provincial superior of Argentina.
Articles critical of the pope's alleged inaction during his
home country's dictatorship years appeared after his election to
the papacy in papers ranging from the New York Times to Spain's
El Mundo and even Argentina's Pagina12 daily paper.
Horacio Verbitsky, the Argentine journalist who fingered
Pope Francis for inaction to protect priests in his province
during the military dictatorship that lasted from 1976 to 1983,
said on Thursday that new statements by the Jesuit priests free
the pope from "any liability in their arrest and torture by the
In an article in Pagina12 where Verbitsky originally
published his accusations based on interviews with two priests
who were arrested and tortured in the country's 'Dirty War',
Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics, the journalist said that
Jalics first declared that he had "reconciled with Bergoglio".
"Reconciliation is a Catholic sacrament that consists of
However, his (Jalics') latest statements go further and
absolve Bergoglio of all responsibility," Verbitsky wrote.
Verbitsky wrote that until recently the priest believed he
had been "reported together with (Orlando) Yorio," and that it
took "a quarter of a century to come to a different conclusion,
and to be able to say that it was a mistake to blame our capture
on an initiative by Bergoglio".
Following his audience with Pope Francis, Esquivel said
that "there certainly were complicit clergy, but not (Jorge)
"I believe that (Horacio) Verbitsky made many mistakes with
his allegations against the pontiff," Esquivel said.

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