Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Tweets about Pope Francis mostly positive, say monitors


Rome, March 21 - Pope Francis has been the topic of
almost six million tweets, mostly positive or neutral, posted
around the globe in the week since his election, a monitoring
agency said Thursday.
More than 5.9 million tweets about the pope and the
Catholic Church were posted since his election at a conclave in
Rome on March 13, says Almaviva, a consulting company that has
been monitoring Twitter account mentions on the topics.
It found that on his election day, about 79% of comments
about the new pope were positive or neutral while, another 21%
had a negative or sarcastic tone.
By the end of the first week, which included some critical
reports about the pope, positive or neutral comments had
increased to 90%.
A division of Almaviva analyzed Twitter traffic in four
languages that correspond to the main areas of concentration of
Catholics in the world: Italian, Spanish, English and
In English language tweets, comments ranged from
speculation about Francis's approach to social problems (almost
22%); its dealings with the poor (16.3%); and the first tweet by
the new pope (14%).
In Italian language tweets, 33% of tweets focused on the
Church's dealings with the poor and 22% on Francis's first
Angelus, the pope's traditional prayer.
In contrast, Portuguese tweets were dominated by concerns
with the Argentine native's activities and relationship with the
government during his country's Dirty War in the late 1970s and
early 1980s.

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