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Italy awaits Napolitano's govt-formation decision

Rome, March 22 - Italy was on Friday awaiting a
decision from President Giorgio Napolitano on who to hand a
government-formation mandate to after last month's inconclusive
elections produced a hung parliament.
Napolitano, who has insisted on the need to avoid another
snap vote, is expected to hand the job to centre-left leader
Pier Luigi Bersani, who has a majority in the House but not the
But pundits say that, given the parliamentary impasse, he
might try to form a so-called "government of the president" led
by an authoritative and impartial figure acceptable to all.
Napolitano met with Democratic Party (PD) leader Bersani
and the heads of the other two biggest parties in parliament on
Friday to hash out the formation of the country's next
"Tomorrow I will present my decisions. I want to organize
my thoughts to get a better idea of what decision to take.
Tomorrow I will let you all know," Napolitano said following two
days of meetings.
"Italy needs change and also to be headed by a government
soon," Bersani said.
Our coalition "is at the disposal of the nation to help
install a government and to institute social changes", Bersani
Bersani, whose alliance came first in the February 24-25
election but failed to win a working majority in the Senate,
said preceding the meeting that he would ask Napolitano to give
him the mandate to form a new government.
Bersani has been trying to reach out to the former-comedian
Beppe Grillo's 5-Star Movement (M5S), even though Grillo
considers the PD part of a corrupt, malfunctioning system.
Democratic Party (PD) leaders on Thursday continued to
refuse a broad coalition involving ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi
and his center-right People of Freedom (PdL) party during
meetings with Italy's President Giorgio Napolitano.
"There is neither a plan B, nor a plan A...I took our
reflections and I respect the role of the president to tell us
how to get out of this difficult situation," Bersani said.
On Thursday, the head of state met first with M5S leader
Grillo, whose anti-establishment group holds the balance of
power in parliament after capturing a huge protest vote.
Napolitano later met with Berlusconi and his centre-right
coalition, who said it supported a coalition government with the
PD but not if the PD claimed the premiership.
Grillo said Thursday that the M5S would not support the
current makeup of the parliament and would only vote for bills
that fit with their platform.
In meetings with Napolitano, representatives from his party
said they wanted the premiership or control over two important
parliamentary commissions, one that oversees state broadcaster
RAI, the other, COPASIR, which oversees the secret service.
"We, the Democratic Party are the number one force in this
country, no matter what anyone says and we are the leading
coalition," Bersani said.
"Now we need some time" for the birth of the new government
and that takes the "co-responsibility of all political forces,"
the PD leader concluded.

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