Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018

Anti-mafia police arrest 41 people in three-year operation


Naples, March 25 - As many as 41 people were
arrested Monday and charged with offences ranging from attempted
murder to arson, corruption, threats and providing false alibis
in what police say was a case of complete mafia control of a
local economy.
Police say the Amato clan controlled the entire economic
structure of the city of Santa Maria Capua Vetere in Caserta
province north of Naples.
Gunmen punished anyone who tried to oppose the mob's
activities and its control of the area, say police, who blamed a
lawyer for providing false alibis for some of the accused.
A police blitz across six provinces and three regions of
southern Italy - Campania, Calabria and Puglia - grew out of
surveillance operations that commenced three years ago.
Those arrested included a former politican Francesco
Cecere, 57, and Guiseppe Amato, 61, brother of the clan leader.
Police also arrested clan boss Salvatore Amato, 57, his
daughter Rosa, and his companion Emilia Maio.
Clan members attempted murder, committed arson when
merchants wouldn't install clan-owned gaming machines, and hid
suspects on the run, police said.
Numerous weapons were also seized in the raid.

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