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Appeal ruling postponed on Knox murder acquittal


Rome, March 25 - Italy's highest Court of Cassation
on Monday postponed until Tuesday its ruling to either uphold or
overturn the acquittal of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for
the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia.
A decision was expected to be announced at 10:00 Italian
Knox, now 25, and Sollecito, now 29, both students along
with Kercher, were convicted of her murder in 2009 and served
two years in prison before their convictions were overturned in
Neither Knox, who has returned to her family in Seattle,
nor Sollecito, who lives in the northern Italian city of Verona,
were expected in court Monday as the top judges weighed whether
to accept the appeals court prosecutors' demand for a new trial.
Riello complained of "a fair amount of snobbery" in the
original trial, as well as a disorganization of evidence.
The judgement of Perugia's appeals court was "a rare
concentration of violations of the law and of a lack of logic
and I think (the acquittal decision) must be undone," Riello
Rudy Guede, now 26, a native of the African nation of Ivory
Coast, was convicted separately and sentenced to 16 years in
jail for killing Kercher, who was 21.
Guede opted for a fast-track trial separately from Knox and
Sollecito and was given a 30-year sentence, later cut to 16
years on appeal, a sentence confirmed by Italy's court of last
instance, the Cassation Court.
In the final verdict against Guede, whose DNA was detected
all over the murder house, he was found to have committed the
crime "with others", identified at the time as Knox and
Sollecito, during an alleged sex game that got out of hand.
Kercher's family issued a statement following the initial
acquittal ruling reiterating their confidence in Italian justice
but asking "who are the other people responsible" for the death
of Kercher, 20 when she was found stabbed to death on the night
of November 1-2 2007.
"Our family is not interested in seeing Amanda or Raffaele
in jail, or anyone else who has shown they aren't guilty,"
Meredith's sister Stephanie told reporters.
"But there's still the question mark over who else
(committed the murder) as well as Rudy.
"It's not a time for forgiveness," she added, while her
mother Arline said: "I'm not interested in Amanda having her
show. Either way, my daughter's not coming home".
Meredith's father John told the Daily Mirror that the
acquittal had been "grotesque".
"We're all in shock. We would have understood a reduction
(in the sentence) but not freeing them".
The Kerchers said they could "not understand" how a
1,000-page case built up at the original trial had been
overturned, despite a key DNA report that found earlier evidence
In a detailed explanation of why it acquitted Knox and
Sollecito, the Perugia appeals court said the evidence against
the pair "does not allow us to come to the conclusion that guilt
has been in any way proven".
They noted that the evidence was largely circumstantial and
prosecutors had been unable to prove motive.
The judges said they could not say how the murder took
place, whether "one or more" people killed Kercher, or whether
other leads had been "neglected".

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