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Rome mayor's confidant arrested in corruption probe


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(ANSA) Rome, March 25 - Finance police in Rome on Monday
arrested a right-hand man of Rome's mayor for allegedly
accepting nearly a million euros in bribes from a
state-controlled bus-maker for a contract to supply 45 buses to
the City of Rome.
Riccardo Mancini was placed under house arrest on charges
of accepting 800,000 euros from BredaMenarinibus, a bus-making
subsidiary of the troubled state-controlled defense giant
Finmeccanica, to provide the electric trolley buses that would
have serviced the unrealized "Laurentina corridor".
Mancini is known for his close ties to Roman mayor and
centre-right politician Gianni Alemanno, who belongs to Silvio
Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party.
Mancini is ex-CEO of Rome's city-controlled company EUR SpA
- a company that runs a public development project in Rome - and
served as Alemanno's treasurer during the 2008 mayoral election
Mancini resigned from EUR SpA when news broke that he was a
target of the corruption probe.
The ex-CEO of BredaMenarinibus, Roberto Ceraudo, is also
under investigation - investigators believe he may have handed
over the bribes - as are at least five other people.
Businessman Edoardo D'Inca Levis is being probed for
allegedly setting up a slush fund to deliver the money.
Also under investigation are Lorenzo Borgogni, ex-head of
Finmeccanica external relations, Lorenzo Cola, an ex-external
consultant for Finmeccanica, Marco Iannilli, Cola's accountant,
and two BredaMenarinibus managers.
The finance police and Carabinieri para-military police
also conducted a series of searches on Monday to seize documents
in the investigation.
The Roman corruption probe means new trouble for
Finmeccanica and the PdL, already under a hail of other
high-profile corruption probes.
Finmeccanica is at the centre of another corruption scandal
that worsened already tense diplomatic relations with India and
hit Italy's centre right over alleged bribes in the sale of
helicopters to the Indian air force.
The tangle of probes involving various senior PdL figures,
including party-founder and ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, have
prompted the PdL to organize public protests accusing members of
the Italian judiciary of political persecution.

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