Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

House leadership gives up govt housing


Rome, March 28 - The Speaker and other officials in
the House on Thursday formally gave up their government-provided
housing amid Italy's economic woes and widespread popular
resentment of political entitlements.
House Speaker Laura Boldrini, the two deputy speakers and
other officials called quaestors also vowed to cut down on using
hired cars.
The Speakers of the House and Senate announced last week
they would also take 30% voluntary pay cuts in order to "set an
example", said Boldrini, adding they were aiming to eventually
slash 50% of the costs for parliamentarians including salaries
and other expenses.
According to figures last year, MPs make an estimated
16,000 euros per month, and Senators earn even more, the highest
in the EU.
Boldrini and Grasso also want to impose productivity
standards that would require a five-day work week and double
working hours.

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