Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

Grillo says Italy needs functioning parliament not wise men


Rome, March 31 - 5-Star Movement (M5S) Beppe Grillo
on Sunday blasted the group of experts President Giorgio
Napolitano has tasked with finding a way out of Italy's
political deadlock as "unreal negotiators" and "carers of
Grillo, whose anti-establishment movement holds the balance
of power in parliament after capturing a huge protest vote in
February's inconclusive general election, also reiterated his
position that Italy did not need to be in a rush to have a new
The comedian-turned-politician says parliament can pass key
reforms, such as a new election law to replace the
much-criticised one that failed to produce a winner last month,
while outgoing Premier Mario Monti's technocrat administration
continues to take care of everyday government business.
"The country does not need unreal negotiators or
facilitators... who work as groups of wise men," Grillo said
via his popular blog, which gave life to the Internet-based M5S
in 2009.
"It does not need 'carers of democracy', but it does need
to make parliament work better and quick".
Grillo said that in order to do this, the newly elected
parliament needed to focus on setting up its new committees.

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