Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

India assigns top investigators, special court for marines


New Delhi, April 1 - India's government said Monday
that it was re-assigning the case of two Italian marines accused
in the deaths last year of two Indian fishermen, from local
authorities to its elite national investigating force.
India's interior minister said that the case has been
assigned to its National Investigation Agency (NIA), which will
work with a special court that will outline its duties on
The complex case has reached the highest political levels,
has led to the resignation of Italy's foreign minister, and
caused a diplomatic rift between the two countries over the fate
of the marines.
"Everything will happen tomorrow," the Indian source told
ANSA on Monday.
The NIA is India's top investigating force that often
tackles terrorism cases but also has responsibility for criminal
offences at sea.
Last week, Giulio Terzi resigned as Italy's foreign
minister in protest over the Italian cabinet's decision to
return to the marines to face homicide charges in India.
That action followed days of diplomatic wrangling with New
Delhi over an earlier decision not to return Massimiliano
Latorre and Salvatore Girone for trial when a four-week parole
period for the pair expired on March 22.
They are accused of shooting and killing two Indian
fishermen after allegedly mistaking them for pirates during an
anti-piracy mission off the Kerala coast in February 2012.
Italy has consistently disagreed with India's claim that it
has jurisdiction over the case, arguing that the deaths occurred
in international waters.
Meanwhile in Rome, ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's People of
Freedom (PdL) political party said in a note Monday that the
caretaker government of outgoing Premier Mario Monti did not
have the authority to send the marines back to India.

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