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Mafia reportedly saved Berlusconi from 'Ndrangheta kidnap


Cantanzaro, April 4 - A supposed kidnapping plot
in the 1970s targeting ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi by the
Calabrian 'Ndrangheta mafia was reportedly halted by the
Sicilian Mafia, an article to be published on Friday in the
newspaper Corriere della Calabria says.
"The pact signed between Calabrians and Sicilians was
poorly digested by some clans and caused a rift at the top of
the 'Ndrangheta, which had serious repercussions in later
years," the article says.
"To prevent Berlusconi's kidnapping, the Masons were
called in and an important meeting to settle the deal with the
Sicilians was held in Milan," says the piece.
In March, former Berlusconi aide Senator Marcello
Dell'Utri of the ex-premier's People of Freedom (PdL) party was
sentenced to seven years in jail by a Palermo court for Mafia
Prosecutors say he was the intermediary with Cosa Nostra
bosses Francesco Di Carlo, Stefano Bontade and Mimmo Teresi and
that they met together with Berlusconi in one of his Milan
During the meeting, the deal was sealed for the hire of
Vittorio Mangano, later convicted as a Mafioso, who was
allegedly employed to protect the future premier and media
magnate's family after a wave of kidnappings of industrialists
or their children.
A court document released by Italy's Supreme Court in
April said that there was "no doubt" that ex-premier Silvio
Berlusconi met with Mafia bosses in 1974.
Dell'Utri has repeatedly called Mangano "a hero" for
refusing to say Berlusconi was linked to the Mafia.

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