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Berlusconi wants grand coalition to bring 'stability'


Rome, April 5 - Ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, who
continues to shun a return to voting booths to break Italy's
political deadlock, reiterated on his website
Friday that a grand coalition with the centre left was needed to
bring stability.
"A return to the polls by June is not our first choice
because we know that the most urgent matter is to pull the
country out of the crisis in the shortest time possible.
Therefore it is a priority and indeed, indispensable to
immediately form a stable, strong government".
However, Berlusconi said that if the country did return to
the polls that his People of Freedom party (PdL) would prevail
since they were "ahead in the latest surveys".
"Only if the Democratic Party refuses this solution (of a
grand coalition) will we have to turn to early elections. If the
country votes, according to the latest polls, we would take the
Senate and the House," Berlusconi said.
Centre-left Democratic Party (PD) leader Pier Luigi
Bersani, who came first in the February 24-25 general election
but does not have a majority in the Senate, has repeatedly
refused forming a government with arch-enemy Berlusconi, who
leads the second-biggest parliamentary coalition.
On Friday, Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi who lost to
Bersani in the primaries, reiterated that Bersani should swallow
his pride and form a government with Berlusconi, or else agree
to a snap election.
He argued that Berlusconi "trusted" the PD old guard much
more than he did the younger PD generation that emerged from the
election, "so it would be much easier for them to find an
agreement" on a left-right coalition.
Support for Renzi continues to grow, according to a SWG
opinion poll published Friday, and some political pundits have
speculated that Renzi, who is younger and more moderate than
Bersani, would have a broader appeal in the general elections if
Italy returns to vote.
Berlusconi said that he would continue his tour of
political rallies around the country, travelling to the southern
city of Bari on April 13.
"As you all well know, I ask nothing for myself - no
institutional role or government position. I only ask to be able
to continue to perform the task that was entrusted to me by our
constituents - that is to unite the center right and help lift
our country out of this crisis that is the most serious we have
experienced since the end of WWII," Berlusconi said.

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