Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018

Italian police arrest 17 city employees for skipping work


Reggio Calabria, April 9 - Police in the southern
Calabria region on Tuesday placed 17 city employees under house
arrest and cited 78 more in Reggio Calabria for long-term and
organized absenteeism.
The bust, codenamed 'I'll be right back', caught the
workers on video handing off IDs and time cards to be
fraudulently swiped by delegated employees for the day, allowing
numerous workers to skip work while still getting paid, police
Employees are accused of taking day-long coffee breaks,
shopping for groceries on the job and stepping out to pick up
children from school and never coming back.
Last October, the public administration of Reggio Calabria
was dissolved for mafia connections, the first time the Italian
government applied such a measure to a provincial capital.
Since then employees there have been answering to a
caretaker administration.

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