Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

Arsenic outside Rome a 'true emergency' says health minister


Rome, April 12 - Italy's health minister on Friday
said that high arsenic levels in drinking water in 50 cities and
towns in the Lazio region around Rome amounted to a "true
"We cannot wait any longer for a solution," Renato Balduzzi
told ANSA.
In January authorities banned drinking public water in 32
areas of Lazio, mainly around the city of Viterbo north of Rome
after arsenic levels were found to be over the European Union
limit of 10 micrograms per liter.
On Friday a study showed that the level of arsenic found in
people who have drunk water in and around Viterbo is twice that
found among the general population of Italy.
"Great concentrations have been found in children," said
the report from the Higher Health Institute (ISS), which
examined residents of Viterbo and 16 nearby towns.
Lower risks were found in people using public water in Rome
and Latina, two other Lazio provincial capitals, the ISS said.
The World Health Organisation says arsenic can cause cancer
and the EU set limits on its presence in drinking water in 2001.
After the data was announced Friday, Balduzzi held a snap
meeting with newly elected Lazio Governor Nicola Zingaretti.
"We will launch urgent measures to confront this emergency
facing the population around Viterbo," he said.

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