Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Pope Francis popular with four out of five Italians


Rome, April 12 - The pope's popularity extends to
Catholics and non-Catholics alike in Italy, according a new poll
Friday that shows four out of five Italians view Francis
Fully 92% of Catholics told pollsters IPR Marketing that
they found Francis to be close to the faithful, humble,
determined, appealing to the young, authoritative, and sincere.
About 77% of non-Catholics expressed similar positive
Although 60% of Italians polled say they want the newly
elected pontiff to give top priority to dealing with sexual
abuse by priests, that number has fallen from one month ago,
according to a survey released Friday.
Last month, as many as 67% wanted the new pope to deal with
the long-standing problem of priest pedophilia, said the opinion
poll, which surveyed the opinions of 1,000 Italians.
Francis is also proving to be something of a draw to the
pews, with 13% of Catholics saying they were attending mass more
often because of his appeal.
Another 81% of Catholics said his presence made no
difference on their Mass attendance.

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