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Contemporary Italian jewelry show opens in Tel Aviv


(By Kate Carlisle) Tel Aviv, April 15 - Contemporary
art exhibition Bella Gioia! in Tel Aviv is a celebration of
jewelry by nine Italian women artists who are unwavering in
their belief that jewelry is "one of the highest expressions of
art and design." says gallery owner Ermanno Tedeschi.
Showing at Tedeschi's gallery in the city's Bohemian
neighborhood Neve Tzedeck from April 30 to May 6, all the women
participating in the show express "their way of being by
creating jewelry that originates from strong emotions and from a
primitive, creative intelligence," says Carmela Callea, director
of the Italian Institute of Culture in Tel Aviv.
Curators Valeria De Simoni and Fabiana Magri have put
together works that are full of life have been molded with a
playful attitude to brings together imagination and reality.
It is the first event in Israel by Creativity Lab ICPO, a
melting-pot organization that brings together professionals
operating in different fields - like art, design, food and
fashion - with various experiences and skills - including
management, communications, fundraising and social networking -
from different countries.
ICPO is a sort of "creative kibbutz" where ideas can be
nourished and supported, says Magri.
"We are not an agency or company, but a group of thinkers
networking to develop ideas," Magri says.
Clothing is emboldened by accessories, a "powerful
expressive code," says Di Simoni.
Starting in the 1930s, artists like Picasso, Man Ray,
Calder, Dali' and Giacometti conceived of jewelry as reduced
scales of their greater works and used the body of an
alternative exhibition space.
Today, contemporary jewelry is an art unto itself.
"It is considered a separate discipline that, beyond the
formal constraints of the visual arts and regardless of precious
materials, stands as a true experimental research characterized
by freedom of expression," Di Simoni says.
Eco-friendly artists' cooperative 2me, born from a
partnership between Hannika Cereda and Fabiana Cortesia, creates
its designs from recycled plastic objects, textiles and metals.
Their collection, Postcards from Cogoleto, tells the story of a
place and its industry, taking left-over scraps and injecting
them with new life and meaning.
Genoese artist Elena Cavallo uses what she calls "little
treasures" found in dusty attics and basements. Old buttons,
antique beads and hat pins are all mounted into sinuous lines
that embellish necklines.
Another artist of Genoese extraction, Bruna Chiarle,
instead dips into the many expressions of glass for her works,
using techniques like cutting, engraving and grinding to create
unique design pieces.
Sisters Camilla and Valentina Gallo form Jamais Sans Toi
jewelers and work with clay and ceramics to bake and glaze
vibrant pieces that are both elegant and theatrical.
Nature is Elena Martinelli's creative muse. Through
oxidation and patina methods she models light and shade into
metal jewelry for what she calls an "introspective journey".
Caterina Sciancalepore, who works under the name of
Nericata, creates delicate porcelain necklaces using ancient
know-how and contemporary creativity.
Laura Stefani and Eva Franceschini (Laura and Eva) from
Padua scrape the bottom of the barrel for top-notch results,
using recycled everything then giving it a gloss that brings it
to life, making pieces that become protagonists.
Every piece stands out as unique and one of a kind, made
to bring Bella Gioia - meaning something precious and beautiful
in Italian. After all, says Callea, "beauty is nothing but the
promise of happiness".

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