Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Man dies from burns after wife found bound


Catania, April 22 - A Sri Lankan man died in Sicily
on Monday of burns suffered in a blaze that he is suspected of
having set himself to murder his wife.
Sarath Moragoda was severely wounded in a fire at his home
in the Sicilian city of Catania on Saturday, in which the
charred corpse of his wife, Maduri Warnacula, was also found.
The woman's neck had been tied to her feet with an
electrical cord.
The investigation took a turn when a critical piece of
evidence was found - a plastic container police believe was used
to carry flammable liquid to start the fire.
Carabinieri police excluded the possibility of a third
person having entered the home.
Instead they believe Moragoda tied up his wife and used the
plastic container to pour flammable liquid - probably petrol -
over her.
The flammable liquid saturated the small room of the
dwelling, and lighting it caused an explosion.
The man was overwhelmed by flames and fled his apartment
The first to come to his aid was a neighbor who threw a
blanket over him.
Moragoda was taken to the Cannizaro Hospital in Catania
with burns over almost his entire body.
He died in the intensive care unit after undergoing a
delicate surgical procedure.
Police believe the man killed his wife out of jealousy,
since he had accused her of carrying on an extramarital affair
for some time.
The couple's 14-year-old boy was attending a catechism
class at the time of the incident.

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