Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

'Letta to meet Berlusconi, announce decision Saturday'


Rome, April 25 - Centre-left Democratic Party (PD)
deputy head Enrico Letta will meet centre-right People of
Freedom (PdL) leader Silvio Berlusconi after the three-time
premier returns from the United States Saturday, sources close
to the PD official's government-formation efforts said Thursday.
It would be the final meeting before Letta decides whether
he has enough cross-party support to tell President Giorgio
Napolitano he thinks he can form a government able to win
confidence votes in both Houses.
On paper the combined forces of PD, PdL and outgoing Premier
Mario Monti's Civic Choice have clear majorities in the House
and the equally powerful Senate.
The PD carried the House but not the Senate in February
elections, leading to a two-month stalemate, the resignation of
PD leader Pier Luigi Bersani, and the re-election of President
Giorgio Napolitano who gave Letta a mandate Wednesday.

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