Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

Concordia diver found dead in shower


Grosseto, April 26 - A diver working to remove the
Costa Concordia cruise liner from a Tuscan reef after last
year's disaster that claimed 32 lives has been found dead in his
The 54-year-old Filipino last went down three days ago and
his death has not been linked to his job, police said.
Work to remove the wreckage of the partially submerged
liner began 10 days ago.
In January 2012, the cruise ship hit a rock formation after
an allegedly rash manoeuvre by captain Francesco Schettino to
sail near Giglio Island to "salute" local people. It tilted onto
its side and made salvage operations difficult.
Workers have mounted the first of 30 floats for
stabilization, alignment and lift - called "sponsons" - on
the submerged part of the ship.
The 395-tonne flotation device arrived at Giglio Island on
April 17.
Fifteen of the hollow so-called 'projections' will be
positioned on each side of the ship. On one side, they will be
filled with water, and the hull made to rotate with the aid of
steel tie rods.
Once the massive wreck is aligned, the filled sponsons will
be emptied to enable the wreck to float and be towed to its
destination port.
The sponsons vary in dimension, with the three largest
weighing 500 tons and measuring 30 metres in length, 11 meters
in height and 11 metres in depth.
Four sponsons are ready and awaiting deployment from
Livorno, while the rest are still in the process of being

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