Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Berlusconi doesn't want to be premier again


Rome, April 27 - Three-time Italian premier Silvio
Berlusconi has said he does not want to be head of government
ever again and ruled out being a minister in the left-right
government Enrico Letta of the Democratic Party (PD) looks set
to form.
"No, No, No," Berlusconi told Fox News when asked if he
would like to have a fourth stint as prime minister.
"I was premier for (a total of) nine years and when I
wasn't I was the leader of the opposition".
After meeting Letta at the House on Saturday, the
76-year-old media magnate said "I will not be a minister" in an
eventual Letta administration.
There has been speculation that the cabinet of the new
government will be relatively young and largely devoid of
heavyweight members of the two main parties, the centre-left PD
and Berlusconi's centre-right People of Freedom (PdL) party.
In part this would be a response to public disenchantment
with the established political class, which has been hit by a
series of corruption scandals and is widely seen to have failed
to address many of the country's economic woes.
This disenchantment was seen as a crucial factor in the
anti-establishment 5-Star Movement capturing around a quarter of
the vote in February's inconclusive general election.
Fresh faces in the cabinet may also help contribute to
positive climate, some experts say, after the bitterness of the
disputes between the PD and PdL big guns in recent years.

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