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Berlusconi warns property tax is deal breaker for govt


Rome, April 30 - Silvio Berlusconi said Tuesday
that scrapping the widely despised IMU property tax and
returning the revenues from 2012 were necessary for his People
of Freedom (PdL) party to keep supporting Premier Enrico Letta's
left-right government.
Letta said June's IMU payments would be suspended before
his executive won a confidence vote in the House on Monday with
the support of his own centre-left Democratic Party (PD), as
well as the PdL and his predecessor Mario Monti's Civic Choice
But Letta has not said that the tax will be abolished
"I'm confident it will be abolished and the money (from
2012) returned," Berlusconi said ahead of the second confidence
vote Letta's government needs to pass, this time in the Senate,
to take over the reins of power after two months of
post-election deadlock.
"We won't support a government that does not implement
these measures. We took up a commitment with the voters in the
election campaign and we want to maintain it".
Regional Affairs Minister Graziano Delrio said earlier on
Tuesday that June's IMU payments would be suspended while the
government moved to "lighten it for the less well-off".
IMU was instituted among a series of austerity measures
under Monti's emergency technocrat government to restore health
to Italy's public finances.
Berlusconi's 2008-2011 government scrapped a similar tax.
Abolishing IMU and reimbursing the 2012 revenues from it
would create a hole of around eight billion euros in this year's

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