Sabato, 25 Maggio 2019
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Italian MEP makes racist comments about first black minister


Rome, April 30 - A member of the European
Parliament from the xenophobic Northern League party on Tuesday
made racist comments about Italy's first black minister, Cecile
"This is a bonga bonga government, they want to change
birthright citizenship laws and Kyenge wants to impose her
tribal traditions from the Congo," said Mario Borghezio in an
interview with Italian Radio 24.
A 48-year-old doctor who was born in the Democratic
Republic of Congo, Kyenge was sworn in Sunday as integration
minister in the left-right coalition government of Premier
Enrico Letta.
When asked if he considered Kyenge an Italian, Borghezio
said, "The country is what it is, and the laws are made of
"You can't say the word 'nigger' in Italy, only think it,"
Borghezio added. "Pretty soon you won't even be able to say
illegal immigrant - you'll have to say 'your excellence'.
"She seems like a great housekeeper, but not a government
When asked about Mario Balotelli, Italy's star soccer
player with African roots, Borghezio said, "he's not a minister.
He kicks a ball and that's fine if someone from Congo or Africa
wants to do that.
"Africans are different. They belong to an ethnicity much
different from ours. They haven't produced great genes. Enough
consulting these Mickey Mouse encyclopedias.
"Kyenge is a doctor. We gave her position in a state-run
facility that should have gone to an Italian".

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