Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

L'Aquila mayor hands back sash in protest at State inaction


L'Aquila, May 6 - The mayor of L'Aquila handed
back his sash Monday to protest the government's failure to
deliver on pledges to rebuild the Abruzzo capital after a 2009
earthquake that killed 309 people.
Massimo Cialente said he would resign "if the funds we have
been waiting for since December don't get here in two weeks".
He said there was a "climate of rage and desperation in the
city which the representatives of the State have not understood
in the slightest".
The centre of L'Aquila is a rubble-strewn ghost town almost
four years after the quake despite repeated government pledges
to repair it.
The April 2009 quake razed nearby villages and displaced
tens of thousands of people. Many of them have been rehoused in
new towns but some are still living with relatives.
In October seven members of a quake-warning panel were
given jail terms for failing to properly alert citizens to the
impending risks of the trembler.
They are appealing against a sentence which shocked many in
the global scientific community.

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