Lunedì, 24 Settembre 2018

Women's brains programmed to react to infant cries


Rome, May 7 - The female brain is programmed to
react to infant cries even when in a relaxed state, said a
recent study by Italian researchers published in May's
NeuroReport magazine.
Researchers Gianluca Esposito of the Riken Brain Science
Institute in Japan and Nicola de Pisapia from the University of
Trento used neuroimaging scans to study the effects of infant
hunger cries on the brain activity of adult men and women who
were in a cognitively non-demanding mental state of awake rest.
Independent of parental status, men and women reacted
differently to infant cries.
The scientists found that the dorsal medial prefrontal and
posterior cingulate areas of the brain, known to be involved in
'mind wandering' (the stream of thought typical of awake rest),
remained active in men during exposure to baby cries, whereas in
women, activity in these regions decreased.
This activity indicates that women's brains respond to
infant requests to be fed by interrupting mind wandering when
exposed to the sounds of hunger cries, whereas men carry on
without interruption.
This ability does not mean "that fathers are worse than
mothers. It simply indicates that there is a difference in how
reactions have developed in men and women," Esposito told ANSA.

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