Mercoledì, 19 Settembre 2018

Radioactive boars found in Piedmont


Turin, May 8 - Health authorities in the Valesia
area near the Piedmont town of Vercelli said on Wednesday that
have found extremely high levels of Cesium 137 in wild boars
from the area.
Of the 90 boars tested, 15 showed levels of 600 Bq/Kg, well
above acceptable levels, authorities said.
Health officials are also testing milk, mushrooms and
forest berries from the area for radioactivity.
Authorities found contamination last March, which they said
could originate from toxic waste dumps or a local nuclear
reactor that was dismantled in 1987.
Scientists have also said that radioactivity found in the
boars could possibly stems from Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear
meltdown that happened in 1986, which deposited contamination
through much of Europe.

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