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With Indoona 'go live', Tiscali devises sweeping app


(By Maria Grazia Marilotti).
Cagliari, May 8 - From Sardinia to America, Tiscali
has landed in San Francisco where it opened a marketing office
in September 2012 to launch on the US market its innovative
Indoona application.
Indoona is the newest creation of this telecommunications
company founded in 1998 by Renato Soru.
One year after its newest version was released, the
application has reached an important result - over 1,5 million
With this APP, all your life is before you for free with 3G
or wifi.
You just need to click or touch the screen to transmit and
receive in real time texts or multimedia messages, posts,
tweets, video and audio material everywhere and in streaming -
from footage of your grandma blowing out candles on her birthday
cake to the concert of your favourite band or films worthy of a
reporter covering war zones.
All this can happen thanks to Indoona. The Italian-made, or
better yet Sardinian-made, application was first created in 2009
thanks to the creative genius and research of programmers and
computer engineers at Tiscali.
The Sardinian term for 'all in one' - 'in d'una' - became
Indoona, an English- sounding name. The platform, accessible on
the web, enables users to communicate on all levels - through a
call, messages, videoconferences, video calls and, the icing on
the cake, live streaming which enables users to post live videos
on their Indoona information board or on other social networks
like Facebook or Twitter.
Infinite spaces open up with this application: it is
possible to post over 300 letters, more than double Twitter's
140-letter Twooshes. Indoona is a complete and evolved social
network which allows users to communicate in real time.
The private Indoona profile becomes a 'private broadcaster'.
Its users are 'citizen reporters' or even editors of their
private and professional lives.
Versatile, intuitive, simple to use, the application is more
than a valid alternative to whatsApp, Messenger, Skype,
Facebook, Youtube.
By downloading the APP for free, users can communicate with
their Indoona contacts for free and with other social networks
through calls on a landline or mobile phone and by sending
multimedia messages while sitting behind a desk or travelling,
from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. The software is
available for the most universal operative systems like Android,
iOS, personal computers and Macs.
The Tiscali platform becomes an important support for the
daily exchange and sharing of information and to immediately
communicate private moments and professional information. Just
one application is needed to call, exchange attachments, talk in
video conference, post, comment and re-launch events from
contacts and post videos in real time from a smart phone, tablet
or personal computer.
Indoona can truly be considered the essence of 'rich
communication', a sweeping mode of communication which has
become necessary to all those who want to stay in touch while on
the move.

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