Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Grillo spits venom, opposes citizenship reform


Rome, May 10 - Beppe Grillo, the leader of the
anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), attacked the
legitimacy of the fledgling left-right government on Friday and
said he did not support one of its minister's high-profile
initiatives to grant automatic citizenship to children born in
Italy to immigrant parents.
Comedian-turned-politician Grillo, whose movement won
around a quarter of the vote in February's general elections,
said there were no other laws of this kind in Europe, "aside
from some extremely tightly regulated exceptions".
"A decision that can change the geography of the country
can't be left to a little group of parliamentarians," Grillo
added on his blog, calling for reform of this kind to be put to
a referendum.
The proposal to reform Italy's citizenship laws was put
forth by Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge, the country's first
black minister, whose appointment has triggered a series of
racist attacks.
Italy and AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has said he is
willing to be an advocate of Kyenge's campaign for citizenship
The 22-year-old was born in Sicily to parents from Ghana
and only obtained his Italian citizenship when he turned 18,
although he grew up with Italian parents from the north of the
country who adopted him.
Grillo also made waves by accusing the newly formed
government of committing a "coup d'etat" by forging what critics
have called an unholy left-right alliance that includes members
of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party
in key posts.
"They put us in a corner," saud Grillo. "Four of them met
up one night to decide. This is the continuation of the Monti
agenda," Grillo said, referring to Letta's predecessor Mario
Monti's government of unelected technocrats passed
austerity measures that have been blamed for exacerbating
Italy's current recession, the country's worst in 20 years.
The premier lashed out against Grillo in response, calling
his comments "totally unacceptable" in a press conference held
with European Parliament Speaker Martin Schulz.
"Remember that when (Grillo) used the term 'coup d'etat', a
Chilean journalist explained to him what a coup d'etat really is
and made a fool out of him," Letta added.
Grillo countered by calling Letta "a kept man of politics"
for being the nephew of Silvio Berlusconi's longtime right-hand
man, Gianni Letta.
"How should I perceive someone who's a professional nephew?
We won't accept his moral lessons, not from a man who holds on
to 46 million euros in public campaign finances," said Grillo.
The M5S party refuses to accept any public funds for its
campaigns unlike Letta's center-left Democratic Party (PD).

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