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Berlusconi accused of defending self outside court 'again'


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Milan, May 13 - A prosecutor accused ex-premier
Silvio Berlusconi of mounting a defense outside of court "again"
and thus was undeserving of any "generic" sentencing mitigation
in a sex-trial hearing in Milan on Monday.
The three-time premier and media magnate "once more
defended himself not in the trial but outside the trial," said
Ilda Boccassini, making reference to a television special about
Berlusconi's legal woes called The 20-Year War, which aired on
the Berlusconi-controlled Canale 5.
Boccassini made her comments before requesting a combined
sentence of six years in prison for Berlusconi, as well as to
ban him for life from public office.
Berlusconi is on trial for allegedly paying for sex with an
underage Moroccan prostitute named Ruby and accused of abusing
his office by trying to spring her from police custody with a
phone call when she was held on an unrelated theft charge.
Boccassini reminded the court of a past trial against
Berlusconi, in which he was accused of bribing a judge in a case
regarding his takeover of the publisher Mondadori.
Boccassini said his case expired under the statute of
limitations because he was granted "generic attentuating
The TV special caused furor on the social network Twitter
on Monday.
The programme was mostly panned for nabbing under 6% of
audience share, as well as for its content.
Beppe Severgnini, editorialist for Italy's largest
newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, called it "propoganda", while
anti-corruption prosecutor-turned-politician Antonio Di
Pietro called it tantamount to "snake charming".
Andrea Pamparana, one of the TV programme's producers,
defended Berlusconi, tweeting, "...this trial is a farce. And
today, only the prosecutor's papers were read".

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