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Migrant's pickaxe rampage sparks storm


(By Denis Greenan).
Rome, May 13 - A Ghanaian migrant's pickaxe killing
spree in Milan has sparked a storm in Italy amid proposals from
Italy's first black minister to change immigration laws.
Mada 'Adam' Kabobo, an undocumented immigrant, killed two
men and injured three others in an hour-long string of attacks
in Milan Saturday before being stopped by police.
Kabobo reportedly suffered from mental problems and told
police "I never sleep".
The 21-year-old came to Italy illegally in 2011 and was
later served an expulsion order but this was suspended pending
his appeal.
According to data published by the Italian media Monday,
only one in four expulsion orders are actually carried out under
a so-called 'security package' sponsored by the anti-immigrant
Northern League in 2009.
From July 2009 to the end of 2010, La Repubblica daily
said, there were only 12 convictions for the crime of illegal
immigration put on the books by the Northern League 11 years
The League and others on the right complain that the law
is not being applied while migrant lobbies and the centre-left
complain that the government is however able to hold migrants
for up to 18 months, depriving them of civil rights, in new
identification and expulsion centres (CIEs) which replaced
processing centres three years ago.
There have been several riots by detained migrants
demanding rights and protesting degraded conditions.
International observers have condemned the CIEs and on
Monday an Italian NGO, Doctors for Human Rights, called for them
to be closed because "they are inadequate, offend human dignity
and do not combat illegal immigration".
In an interview with La Repubblica Monday, Northern League
leader and former interior minister Roberto Maroni said
Congo-born Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge had been "wrong"
to talk about repealing the law, however.
He argued that this would send the wrong message to
migrants and people traffickers and spark a fresh wave of
arrivals from North Africa.
Maroni said Kyenge's assertion that children born to legal
immigrants in Italy should be granted citizenship rights would
also swell the flow, which had eased after war and turmoil in
Libya and Morocco.
However, he said Kyenge's stances "should not in any way be
linked" to Saturday's spree.
Members of the Northern League demonstrated in Milan
Sunday, claiming that Kabobo's actions were linked to a wider
softening of controls on migrants.
But local residents and the victims' relatives slammed the
League for "exploiting an isolated case".
On Monday the far-right Forza Nuova party launched an
Internet campaign called 'Immigration Kills', referring to
Kabobo and the recent rape and murder of a young woman
by a Senegalese migrant in Livorno.
The campaign warned against Kyenge's proposed reforms.
The recent acts "nail proponents of immigration reform to
their responsibilities...and provide dramatic reasons against
its applicability," the group said on its site.
Ablaye Ndoye, a Senegalese national, was arrested on May 3
for suspicion of raping and murdering 19-year-old Ilaria Leone,
found strangled to death outside the port city of Livorno.
Kyenge has received a spate of racist insults since her
"Shoot Minister Kyenge, not Carabinieri" and "Minister
Kyenge, f**k off" were found daubed on walls in the Tuscan city
of Pistoia, signed by Forza Nuova supporters.
The first taunt referred to a man who shot two Carabinieri
outside the premier's office while Democratic Party (PD) deputy
head Enrico Letta's new left-right government was being sworn in
On Thursday Forza Nuova party hung a banner outside the PD
offices in the Marche city of Macerata that read: "Kyenge go
back to Congo".
Italian prosecutors have opened a probe into online abuse
directed at PD member Kyenge, a doctor who was born in the
Democratic Republic of Congo.
As well as anonymous attacks on the Internet, the
48-year-old Kyenge was also targeted by a senior member of the
League who has been prominent in anti-migrant protests.
League MEP Mario Borghezio called Letta's new executive a
"bonga bonga government" and claimed Kyenge would seek to
"impose her tribal traditions from the Congo".
An online petition has been launched calling for Borghezio
to be ousted from the European Parliament.
The abuse against Kyenge has prompted debate about whether
Italy is a racist country.
AC Milan's Ghanaian-Italian striker Mario Balotelli has
said he is glad to be one of the public faces of Kyenge's
Italy striker Balotelli, who became Italian on his 18th
birthday under the current law, was subjected to his latest
volley of racist taunts during Sunday's 0-0 draw against AS

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