Domenica, 23 Settembre 2018

Venice authorities to crack down on water taxi colors


Venice, May 14 - Local authorities in Venice have
said they will start cracking down on an uncoordinated explosion
of color adorning the city's water taxis.
Residents and tourists accustomed to the ubiquitous black
gondolas and the mostly monochromatic water taxis are now facing
an uncontrolled and unauthorized use of palettes ranging from
white to yellow, gray and even purple, according to an article
published Tuesday in La Nuova Venezia.
"We haven't really considered the problem, for up until now
we haven't seen many, but looking ahead we will consider placing
some limits which, currently, aren't covered by the city's
rules," Ugo Bergamo, the Venice city councilman charged with
mobility issues told ANSA Tuesday.
Until recently, water taxis were mostly made of wood, so
they were either left in the wood color or, at most, painted
The proliferation of water taxis made in fiberglass, which
are easier to paint and require less maintenance, has led to the
use of new colors.
"Now we will have to establish rules and we will do it even
if this novelty, whose exact numbers we don't know, is not at
present having much of an impact on the city," said Bergamo.

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