Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

9-km driftnet seized off Salerno


Salerno, May 15 - Italian coastguards seized a
nine-kilometre-long driftnet cast into the sea off Salerno
Tuesday night.
The owner of the boat was cited for using illegal nets and
two sailors for threatening officers.
Police said the net "could have caused serious damage to
the underwater eco-system".
Conservation organisation Oceana recently warned that
the use of illegal driftnets by Italian fishermen was still
widespread despite a 2002 ban.
Around 10,000 whales are killed in the Mediterranean
each year after being caught in driftnets, which are
kilometres-long vertical walls of net that float hanging from
the surface of the water, often to depths of 30 metres.
Some 8,000 of whale bycatch deaths take place in Italian
waters, according to Oceana.
Sperm whales, pilot whales and fin whales all fall
victim to the nets, as do common, striped and bottlenose
dolphins and loggerhead turtles.

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